Frequently asked questions

How long does it take for a summer kitchen project to be finished?

It usually takes 2 -3 weeks from the beginning of the job to have a complete summer kitchen installed. The complexity of the project determines the estimated time to complete.

What kind of material do you use for the structure?

We use aluminum for the structure.

How do I choose the appliances?

At the time of the project's discussion, some ideas of what to use will be given. On the proposals we provide the brand names we normally use. Every customer has the right to choose and supply their own appliances.

What kind of wall finishings can I use?

You will be given a variety of choices for wall finishings. Such as: stacked stones, tiles and stucco.

Do you supply any drawings?

We supply 3D drawings with all the proposals.

What kind of counter top do you use?

We use granite counter tops. The customer has the chance to choose which granite at the beginning of the project.

What kind of projects do you work with?

2-B Outdoor works with all kinds of design projects for interior or exterior. Such as: outdoor kitchens, backsplashes, wall finishings, paver sealing, fire places, garden decorative lighting and others. For more information, contact us at: sales@2-boutdoor.com