We offer a 5-year structure warranty, also known as the frame.  Drawer guides, drawer hinges, and appliances (refrigerator, grill, etc.) are covered by their respective manufacturer's warranty.  

The warranty goes into effect from the date of construction, and it includes normal wear and tear of the structure.  It does not cover accidents, negligence, alteration, misuse,  removal or damaging incidents by nature, such as severe weather (extremes in temperature, strong winds, humidity and others).  The warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear of decorative accents, ceramic tile, backsplash, accent tile or any other accent areas of the outdoor summer kitchen.  This includes, but is not limited to under cabinet lighting.  Any conditions that are particular to the ceramic's style, finish or finish attributes are not covered under the warranty.  The warranty also excludes electrical, plumbing, gas connections, tile, stucco, peeling/fading of paint, rock veneer, cracking around joint areas and any other aspect beyond the structure of the outdoor summer kitchen.

If the structure is found to be defective under normal use and service, 2-B Outdoor will follow thorough inspections and reviews of the material.  These will be either repaired or replaced if found to be defective, at 2-b Outdoor's discretion.  Under this warranty, 2-B Outdoor's liability is strictly limited to the replacement and repair of the structural materials.  2-b Outdoor is not liable for consequential or incidental damages or errors that result from or are related to the use of the products. 

This warranty is extended to it's original purchaser, at the original site of installation, this warranty can be transferred to a new owner under 2-B Outdoor's discretion.  We reserve the right to make changes in materials and specifications without prior notification.  We have no obligation to incorporate new changes to previously constructed kitchens or structures.


To file a warranty claim request, contact us at sales@2-boutdoor.com.  Proof of original contract is required to file a warranty claim.